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According to religion marriage is sacred but in today's world, that's very different. Couples these days don't regard marriage like something that should be given much respect to but rather they just go about doing what suits them without any conscience. One disturbing area is cheating wives, The thought a wife laying with another man outside her matrimonial home is scaring enough considering consequences that can bring if the husband gets to know about it.
this act is on the increase which makes it a great concern in our society.
Everything that happens has a reason, whether justified or not.
Let's see some of the causes of this sinful act.

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1) LACK OF ATTENTION: When a man does not pay attention to anything that concerns the wife, the wife starts to feel that he is not been cared for and may decide to look elsewhere outside their home which may lead to committing adultery.

2)  LACK OF EXCITEMENT: After some years of marriage, things seem to cool off. Nothing may seem exciting as they were in the beginning in the beginning. If something is not done quickly the wife may decide to find the excitement outside.

3) VIOLENCE: If the husband is the aggressive easily. He may end up hitting her and things can really go bad in that circumstance. Mk=aking the wife to feel insecure and may want to look for better treatment elsewhere she might end up in another man's wife.

4) LACK OF CONNECTION: For 2 people to stay together in a close relationship there must be harmony. Without a connection between the husband and wife, having the same mind and staying on the sae=me page things can really go off.

5) IMPORTANT: Women don't just want to live, they want to be regarded and be a part of something. A wife whose opinion is never considered is not a happy woman. Husbands should try on this regard

6) LACK OF INTIMACY: Moment of intimacy can be moments of refreshing and should not be substituted for anything. A starved wife is likely to go looking for such moments outside the marriage as humans were built to crave for such times.

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